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The Game Makers Guild is New England’s largest group of indie board game designers. We meet 2-3 times per month in the Boston area to playtest each others’ board games and card games, as well as discuss the various aspects of bringing a game to life! Feel free to poke around our site and check us out. If you’re interesting in becoming a member, just come to one of our meetings.

GMG at CT-FIG: Two Award Winners!

Marcus and Jay, our two award winners

We are super excited to announce that 2 of our members, Marcus and Jay, won 2 of the awards at this year’s Connecticut Festival of Indie Games (or, ct-fig).

Marcus’ game, Octochef, a game where 4 players combine to play as the titular, 8-tentacled, culinary mastermind, won the Best Family Game award!

And Jay’s game, Burned!, where players play as chefs trying to craft the best meal while burning their opponents’ dishes, won Best Game in Progress!

We wish the two of them all the best as they continue to make incredible games and get them into more and more peoples’ hands.

Penguin SLAP! A GMG-member card game on Kickstarter now!

Penguin SLAP! Be the last penguin standing

GMG members Rich and Jules just put a game up on Kickstarter, and it was fully funded in just a matter of hours!

Penguin SLAP! is a fast, playfully-illustrated card game where players take on the role of penguins who love to slap each other with fish. It’s a last-penguin-standing-wins game for 2-4 players and it takes 15-30 minutes to play. Check it out on Kickstarter »

GMG President Tim Blank’s Game is the Cover Story on Game Trade Magazine

The box art for Bumuntu

We at GMG are beyond excited to announce that President Tim Blank’s upcoming game, Bumuntu, is the cover story of Game Trade Magazine issue #222! Bumuntu was originally playtested right here at the Game Maker’s Guild, and the article goes in-depth into the game’s mechanics and theme. You can read the full article at the Game Trade Magazine website.