GMG at BostonFIG

As many of you know, the Game Makers Guild is always very involved in each year’s BostonFIG. This year was no different as our members flooded the floor with their games, many of whom were in the showcase. Designers had the chance to show off their games to the public and many of them sold some, too.


GMG member Dan Riles showing off his game, Clean Up Your Room!

Games that made it into the showcase include:

  • Beaver Lodge by Dave Wilkinson (Nominated for Best Family Game)
  • Brass Empire by Mike Gnade (Nominated for Most Dynamic Game)
  • Cats & Caverns by Phil Cartagena and Josh Degregorio
  • Chesscalation by Kee Blasczynski
  • Clean Up Your Room! by Dan Riles (Nominated for Best Family Game)
  • Corporate Raiders by Jaime Barriga
  • Defense Force ULTRA by Don Mitchell
  • Fall of the Last City by Chris Barney
  • Final Judgement by Dennis Chan
  • Monsters in the Elevator by Jason Wiser (Winner of Best Family Game)
  • No Regerts: The Game of Art and Poor Life Decisions by David Petrie and Sam Romage (Nominated for Best Game in Progress)
  • Pointed Words by Gene Mackles
  • Spider’s Web by Tony Tran (Nominated for Most Innovative Game)

Sponsor GMG Games that were present include:

  • A.E.G.I.S. by Zephyr Workshop
  • Dragoon by Lay Waste Games
  • Henchmen by Dan Lanza
  • Hexiliad and Master of Spies by Stephen Price
  • Moonquake Escape by Jeff Johnston
  • Oh My Gods! by Tim Blank

A big congrats to all designers, especially those who were nominated and won Figgie awards! Pictures can be found here.