Intensive Playtest Results for Feb 2018

Clean Up Your Room Box art

Hey everyone! Curation officer Jaime here with some great curation news:

Our new GMG Intensive Playtest event that happened on Feb 5th ended up being a great success. All the games that were present got a full set of players for the night, and designers were able to run through their game multiple times, receiving lots of feedback from some now-experienced players.

I’m happy to announce that 3 games passed the Intensive Playtest, and are now eligible to attempt the 3rd phase of the GMG Seal of Approval process: the Blind Playtest. These 3 games are

  • Clean Up Your Room
  • Beyond Sol
  • Leaf Me Alone

With all that said, if you are a designer that received 3 nominations for your game, and you’re looking to move your game to the Intensive Playtest phase, send me (Jaime) a message via Meetup. You’ll be added to the next-in-line slot when we do another Intensive Playtest event.