A Curation Update for August 2018

Hey there! Jaime Barriga, head of Curation here.

We’ve had so many games draw closer and closer to getting the coveted Game Makers Guild Seal of Approval, and I wanted to share the list of games that have made progress over the past few months.

Received 3 nominations for the seal (phase 1)

  • Comic Auction
  • Naked Truth
  • Shards
  • That’s Wizard

Passed the Intensive Playtest (phase 2)

  • DNAbled
  • Leaf Me Alone
  • Pathologic Maze Dice
  • Penguin slap!
  • Plutocracy
  • Splurt!
  • Witches’ Coven

Passed the Blind Playtest

  • Clean Up Your Room
  • Witches’ Coven

As more games make their way through the pipeline, we’ll be excited to hopefully announce some GMG Seal of Approvals soon!