Safe Space Policy

The Game Makers Guild is a Safe Space for its members. Together, we help each other to create a space that feels inclusive, inviting, and overall safe. We do not welcome those who act aggressive, racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise biased.

Games that are overly hateful or intolerant are not welcome. Games that are overtly violent or have mature themes are asked to disclose that during sign ups so those who may be uncomfortable playing can sign up for something else. Sometimes, a game may be asked to find players to play elsewhere as this is an all-ages group. If mature themes arise during play, players are always welcomed to excuse themselves from a game.

Those who repeatedly disrupt the enjoyment of others will be asked to leave.

We would consider it awesome if you:
(The following are borrowed from Games on Demand at GenCon)

  • Don’t act like a jerk
  • Share the spotlight and help others have fun
  • Approach games and feedback with an open mind
  • Give constructive feedback to game designers that was thoughtful of their time and effort
  • Clean up after yourself and help us keep the space tidy

Please consult with a member of Leadership if you:

  • Have questions if your game is appropriate for the meet up group.
  • Feel that someone is disrupting the fun of you or others you have observed.
  • Feel unsafe.
  • If you are feeling especially unsafe, please call 911.