Match-N-Rhyme earns the GMG Seal of Approval!

Curation Director Jaime Barriga here, and it is my great privilege to announce that GMG Member Eva Clarke’s game Match-N-Rhyme has passed the final stage of the curation process, earning the coveted Game Maker’s Guild Seal of Approval! Match-N-Rhyme is a fast, all-ages party game involving matching colors and shapes, and rhyming words. The game … [Read more…]

PYK passes the Stage 3 Blind Playtest

Curation Director Jaime here, and I’m pleased to announce that GMG Member Clair-Yves’s game PYK (Protect Your King (Or Queen)) has passed the Stage 3 Blind Playtest by unanimous vote. We’re excited to see this game continue to move through the curation process and we wish him good luck as he continues to make improvements.

Tim Blank and Bumúntú on Much Ado About Gaming

Yes it’s true, GMG President Tim Blank and his game Bumúntú have been featured on Much Ado About Gaming with Jessa Rose. The segment starts at 15:35 and it provides a great look into Tim’s design process and how Bumúntú came to be. Check it out on Youtube!.

Fight Sequence passes the Intensive Playtest

Hey everyone! Jaime Barriga, Head of Curation here, and I am pleased to announce that Fight Sequence by Jamie Sabriel Flez (Triple Rainbow Games) has passed our first ever Remote Intensive Playtest, and by unanimous decision! Fight Sequence is an incredibly strategic 1v1 game about planning your moves out in advance, and then resolving the … [Read more…]

GMG Expert Panel: Playtesting Best Practices

If you missed our GMG Expert Panel on Playtesting Best Practices, fear not! We’ve got the full video uploaded on YouTube. A very special thanks goes out to Jon Gilmour, Heather, O’Neill, and Ian Zang for joining us and taking the time to share so much with us!

2 GMG Seal of Approval Winners

Hey everyone! Jaime Barriga, Head of Curation here, and I am extremely pleased to announce that after more than 2 years, two games have finally achieved the coveted Game Makers Guild Seal of Approval! While many games have made it to the final stage of our process, Minute Diktator and Rain or Shine received a … [Read more…]

GMG at CT-FIG: Two Award Winners!

We are super excited to announce that 2 of our members, Marcus and Jay, won 2 of the awards at this year’s Connecticut Festival of Indie Games (or, CT-FIG). Marcus’ game, Octochef, a game where 4 players combine to play as the titular, 8-tentacled, culinary mastermind, won the Best Family Game award! And Jay’s game, … [Read more…]