A Curation Update for August 2018

Hey there! Jaime Barriga, head of Curation here. We’ve had so many games draw closer and closer to getting the coveted Game Makers Guild Seal of Approval, and I wanted to share the list of games that have made progress over the past few months. Received 3 nominations for the seal (phase 1) Comic Auction … [Read more…]

Darkness – A GMG-member card game on Kickstarter now!

Launched just today, one of our member’s games is now live on Kickstarter. Darkness (by Taylor Hayward of Green Meadow Games) is a beautifully-illustrated, portable, strategy card game, where players are out to control the energies of relics and artifacts. It’s a 2-5 player game that takes 20-30 minutes, and it’s already 21% funded in … [Read more…]

Intensive Playtest Results for Feb 2018

Hey everyone! Curation officer Jaime here with some great curation news: Our new GMG Intensive Playtest event that happened on Feb 5th ended up being a great success. All the games that were present got a full set of players for the night, and designers were able to run through their game multiple times, receiving … [Read more…]

Designer Spotlight, November 2016 – Don Mitchell

Welcome to our second Designer Spotlight! This month, we’re highlighting Don Mitchell, former GMG President, and GMG member since 2013. Don is part of Eye4Games, who have created three games: Clairvoyance AlakaSLAM Rise of the Robotariat How did you get into designing board games? I originally was interested in designing digital games (grew up playing … [Read more…]

So You Want to Build a Legacy Game?

by Jaime Barriga There are just not many Legacy Games out there. It’s a sad, but unavoidable fact. After Risk: Legacy came out, I realized that it was going to be a while before designers started putting them out, so I decided to build my own. This article is very high-level, but maybe it will … [Read more…]

GMG at BostonFIG

As many of you know, the Game Makers Guild is always very involved in each year’s BostonFIG. This year was no different as our members flooded the floor with their games, many of whom were in the showcase. Designers had the chance to show off their games to the public and many of them sold … [Read more…]

New website!

GMG is launching a new website. Pardon our dust while we spiff it up for you!