Seal of Approval


The Game Maker Guild Seal of Approval is given to games that have been rigorously tested from every aspect of design: the mechanics, the graphic design, the rulebook, the theme, and the playability of the game.

In order for a game to receive the Game Makers Guild Seal of Approval the game designer must be a Patron Member of Game Makers Guild and the game must go through four stages of review: Nomination, Intensive Play-testing, Blind Play-testing and Final Play-test and Review by the Curation Committee.



alakaSLAM by Don Mitchell, Eye 4 Games

Amino by Lauren Woolsey, CGS Unit (Crafts, Games and SCIENCE!)

Clairvoyance: Psychic Battles. Also, Furniture by Don Mitchell, Eye 4 Games

Find It & Bind It by  Phil Cartagena & Josh DeGregorio, Cray Cray Games

Minute Diktator by Karl & Mark Schwiegershausen, Minutus Games

Merry Christmas! The Hand-Drafting Card Game by Jeremy Burnham, EGRA Games

Moonquake Escape by Jeff Johnston, Pair of Jacks Games, Breaking Games

Moriarty’s Machinations by Redbeard, Duadikos Games

Oh My Gods by Tim Blank, Gameworthy Labs

Producer: The Movie Making, Story Telling Card Game by Daniel Riles

Rain or Shine by Jona Raphael, Playday Games