Remote Intensive Playtests (Curation Stage 2)

Jaime here! While we’ve historically done our Stage 2 Intensive Playtests during our normal meetups, it may be a while yet before we meet in person, and we did hear that people would like to have a way to move forward in the process. So as long as you have a valid GMG membership, we’ve created a process for helping you move your game along while we aren’t having face-to-face meetups. It’ll involve a little more work on your part, but we think it’ll be worth it. Note: If you’ve gone through a Stage 2 Intensive Playtest before, things will be slightly different so make sure to read the whole thing.

And as a quick reminder, we highly recommend that your game is as close to gameplay-complete as possible before starting an Intensive Playtest. You’ll get way more benefit from these intensives if you’re close to submitting to a publisher, versus if you’re still changing systems and making big adjustments.

Da rules:

You gotta have an active GMG membership to kick off this process, and your game must have received 3 Curation nominations. You can check the Curation Status Page to see where your game is at in the process, and you can buy an annual membership here at if you don’t have one.

Your game must also already be in digital form and tested at least once on that digital platform. Don’t start this process until you’ve already run a regular playtest in Tabletop Simulator or something similar.

To start the Remote Intensive Playtest process, you must first set a date/time for your intensive that works for one member of GMG Leadership to attend. You can find us leader-types in the discord, or Facebook, or by emailing us. As long as one of us can make it to your event, we can add it to the meetup page and get the word out about it.

  • A restriction related to date/time: These Remote Intensives can’t happen on a normal GMG Monday night. For real, those things are a lot more work than they used to be, and that’s without adding this separate process into the mix.

In terms of how many playthroughs you need for the Intensive to count, the final decision will be left up to the GMG Leader, but we recommend setting aside the following amounts to time based on how long your game takes:

  • 10 minutes or less — 8 playthroughs (approx. 2 hours)
  • 15-30 minutes — 6 playthroughs (approx. 1.5 – 3 hours)
  • 30-60 minutes — 4 playthroughs (approx. 2 – 4 hours)
  • 60-90 minutes — 3 playthroughs (approx. 3 – 4.5 hours)
  • 90 minutes or more — You’ll need to talk to me to set up something special because we’ll almost definitely need to do this on a weekend or multiple nights.

If your game does not pass you can make changes and the earliest you can try again is 3 months from that date. You can still do normal playtests on normal nights, and we totally recommend that to make your game better. But for the purposes of getting to Stage 3, a failure means a 3 month wait.


We do recommend picking a date that’s at least a week out, maybe even two. That way we can effectively get the word out and give people time to RSVP.

If your game isn’t too long, it might be worth starting at the typical GMG time of 7:30 PM.

A final note:

Even if a date is set and we’ve gotten the word out, we can’t guarantee that there will be enough players for your Remote Intensive playtest. We’ll do our best to be flexible, but there’s always a chance that a reschedule will need to happen.

That’s all for now! Shoot me a message on your preferred platform (email, meetup, discord, Facebook) and I’ll be happy to answer.